You're Not Going Crazy; Your Hormones Are!


You're Not Going Crazy; Your Hormones Are!

Let's talk about what you REALLY need...

Ladies, Listen up!

The Fastest, Easiest

Way to Ditch the Symptoms of Menopause

Doesn't Require Dangerous Drugs, Surgery, or HRT

Let me show you how to

create and implement

your unique

Menopause Mastery Plan

. "Thank you, Jeanne. You helped me transform, inside and out."

A wellness coach will not fix what ails you. You have to do the work yourself. A good wellness coach will provide you with all the tools and support you need while you do that work. Based on that, Jeanne Andrus is an awesome wellness coach.


Our Menopause Journey is full of

unexpected detours, and Google Maps

is of no use at all.

Have you ever thought...


"No one told me

what was about to happen!" ~Julie

"You'd think by now someone would have figured out that we need to know what's going on in our bodies," Julie complained.

Julie came to me early in perimenopause and wanted to be prepared for what she might experience.


"Is this normal?

Am I going to die?" ~Janice

Janice felt like she had every symptom in the book - weight gain, hot flashes, itchiness everywhere (even down there)! Worst of all were the heavy periods. She was scared!

With over 100 symptoms, menopause can feel like your body is falling apart. For Janice, the fear started to dissipate when she learned what was causing her symptoms.


"I just want to feel like myself again!" ~Maria

Maria felt like she'd been kicked out of her own life - she was fighting with her husband, her son treated her like an annoyance, and she was dealing with anxiety and depression.

When she started rebalancing her hormones, the anxiety and depression faded, and she had the space to reconnect with her family.


If you are wanting to navigate your Menopause Journey with ease and grace, freedom from menopausal symptoms is possible for you too.

How would it feel....

  • to awaken refreshed and energetic from a great night's sleep.
  • look in the mirror and love the body you see.
  • reconnect with your spouse, your kids, your friends, without fearing your "crazy moods" are alienating them.
  • dress up for a night out without fearing your makeup will melt.
  • feel alive and engaged and ready to delight in your life again.
  • to understand what's happening in your body and feel like you have control again.

You can still have it all! And, to get you started on the right path, I want to extend a FREE 60-minute hormonal review to help you figure out your next steps…

Back to Me Hormonal Review Session

In our time together, I'll help you understand what your symptoms are "saying" about your underlying health and hormonal balance. Together we'll decide which imbalances and issues are top priority and how you can work with me to improve your health, ditch your symptoms, and delight in your life again.

"It's not the end of our lives - it's the beginning of another stage"


you'll learn

Are you ready to feel better?

What you will get out of our time together...

you will take away:

  • a list of hormonal imbalances you need to address
  • an understanding of the long-term implications of those imbalances
  • A plan to recover hormonal balance and ditch your symptoms

"I didn't know what I didn't know. Now, what I'm going through makes a lot more sense."


"These are going to be great years..."


Why would you want to suffer any longer...

Menopause can be a 2+ decade long process. Why would you want to feel miserable for 20 years or more?

Sure, I'll probably extend this offer to you again.

But, why would you want to put up with feeling like this for even one more week if you didn't have to?

Why would you want to miss this opportunity to understand how your hormones are affecting you and how you can control your symptoms?

I only have room on my calendar for a couple of these sessions every week. Book your session now to ensure access to me.

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